Wear a tie or give it a miss

Wear a Tie or Give it a Miss? Get Yourself Out of the Dilemma

‘Should I wear a tie today or not?’ This is probably the one question that every man asks before every event. If it is a part of the dress code that is communicated to you then it certainly clears the confusion but what if it is up to you to decide whether you want to wear it or not. Well, in some European countries they have forgone dress codes for every event and set-up. But, there had been arguments against that concept too.

Having said that, not every event that has to be formal requires you to wear a tie. Have you ever wondered what the common tie is between Apple, Google, Amazon and Ikea? Well, you have got the answer in the question itself. All these business giants which are recognized for being employee friendly have banned their staff from wearing the sophisticated necktie, thus promoting casual wears in the office.

So, how will you decide where to wear a tie and where you can miss it if you boss or host has left the choice to you? We will try to help you out with different eventualities where the tie would be required and where it won’t be a necessity.

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At Workplace

The environment of your work area would determine whether you should be sporting a tie or not. If you work in an office where your seniors and cohorts wear a tie all the time then you simple cannot get away with it. However, if you have a casual day in your week then you should definitely not don a tie that day as it would give an image that you are somebody who is too rigid to loosen up even for a day.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are companies that do not adhere to any dress code and give their employees the freedom to wear whatever they want.

In any of the cases, you should see what your fellow workers are wearing. And if you are new in the company then take a week to dress formally with a tie unless you get familiar with the environment and feel confident enough to wear what others are sporting.

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Weddings and Religious Ceremonies

In the case of wedding, wearing a tie will depend entirely on the theme of the event. If you are aware of the fact that it is going to be a very formal gathering then not wearing a tie could be taken as a sign of disrespect. However, if the wedding is at a beach or in a banquet hall then you can loosen up a bit or even get creative with your attire. The best option in this case is to ask the couple how they would like you to participate or get involved and dress accordingly.

Coming to the Sunday Church gatherings, I am sure you would be familiar with the kind of crowd that visits. You might get this advice seldom but here the right choice would be to follow the crowd, as every church gathering these days has its own norms to follow: Some prefer to keep it the old classic way while others like to have a more loosened up environment.


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