Tailored Suit Tips for Shorter Men

Tailored Suit Tips for Shorter Men

Every body type has some advantages and some challenges of its own.

With thin, petite and short pen however the thing is that they have very less room for error while wearing suits. They have to balance their proportions in just the right manner.

Tailoring and the fitting measurements to even the ½ inch matters a lot – and pattern, cut and silhouette all become of critical importance so that you don’t end up looking even shorter or as if you are wearing your elder brother’s clothes.

  1. Get a Close Fitted Suit

The best option for you would be to have a custom made men’s suit. And while you get it stitched, make sure that suit fits you snugly. There should be no extra clothing hanging or billowing as that could look really bad on your body shape. You would want to get as streamlined a profile as you can have. And if you are getting an off-the-shelf suit then make sure you get it altered properly.

  1. Wear Longer Sleeves and Legs

It is mostly recommended to have the sleeves of the suit end half an inch above the sleeves of the shirt you are wearing. However, if you are shorter in height then you can let the suit sleeves reveal a little lesser of the shirt sleeve than usual. However, make sure that you are not completely hiding your shirt sleeve as that would make the suit look big and baggy.

Trousers should be sitting a bit high on your waist so that your legs appear to be long. Also, instead of wearing a belt, go for suspenders as that would avoid dividing your body in horizontal halves.

  1. Get Details Proportional to Your Size

This part might be a bit tricky but you would want a suit that would look like it fits at the right parts of your body. You have to look for the minute details like having a slit jacket pocket with no flaps and the button of the coat should be at your waist among various others. Do not worry, it might take some time but you will get used to it as you have more shopping experiences.

  1. Wear Vertically-Oriented Patterns

If you are planning to wear a patterned shirt, have the one with minimal patterns. Choose something that would orient the viewer’s eyes upward. Small stripes would look perfect and if the fabric has an upward weaving pattern of its own then it would just add to the look. Just avoid wearing anything in check or with horizontal patterns/stripes as that would draw attention to your sides, making you look stouter and shorter.

  1. Draw the Attention Upward

Keep your look as less clustered as possible. The smoother it will be for the other person to look at your body as they move up, the teller you would seem. However, you can always experiment with your pocket square. If that would be the attraction point, then the attention of the people would stay more towards your face than body. Make a triangle point up with your pocket square and make sure that it looks absolutely crisp.

So, get a suit stitched for you that would complement your body shape aptly!

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