How Much Should You Actually Spend On a custom made suit

How Much Should You Actually Spend On a custom made suits

Everybody wants a good suit, which should be in budget too. But, in today`s time getting the suit of your own choice and design is hard to find in shops. Therefore, people will prefer to go for a custom-made suit. Whether you are a business man, or a normal guy who is going to give an interview in his dream company, wearing a suit makes a good impression.

Wearing a perfectly fitted bespoke suit will definitely boost up your personality.

Well, you might have heard many myths about the custom-made suits. So, in this article we will discuss some truths regarding the custom made suits and how much one should spend on them.

Take your measurements before going to buy a suit:

Most of the time men assume that they already know their measurements. But, the truth is- a person’s size can shift over the time. The size of clothing is based on the inches and it varies from brand to brand. A perfect fit is really important to make your suit looks good, therefore you should always get measured yourself before buying a suit. Sometimes, the tailor takes free measurements, but it is also easy to take your own measurements. It will ensure you that your suit is going to fit you perfectly, and is also going to give you the smashing look of OTR suits.

All tailors are not equal:

Though it seems easy to shorten the length of paints, but a suit is an extremely complex article of clothing. We all know, the suits jackets are constructed from different layers of fabric which gives the weight to suit and shape.  Sometimes, a good tailor can also make the mistakes while constructing the suits. Some tailors are very good in these simple tasks like hemming pants, and other tailors specialize in different articles of clothing. It is advisable to find a good tailor who usually works on suits; else style adjustments or complex sizing can go wrong.

There should be some limits of tailors:

Sometimes, the tailor won`t be able to make the suit according to your needs, just as the fabric is found in limited quantity, so as their skills also last. Never assume that soon an ill-fitting suit will start to give you a smoky look. It is a good option to buy a suit which already has some close fit or is very close to your desired style before going to a tailor.

Sometimes, the tailor also offers free consultants and show some tricks of the trade which are beyond the common knowledge, so before putting your own ideas in front of them, ask them first.

A tailored-suit from scratch will be extremely expensive:

A bespoke suit which has been made custom-made by tailor is always considered as a signature of royalty & luxury and also fit perfectly and flatter the shape. Though custom made suits are expensive but their quality will make you happy with the results. And, it will make sure that the amount which you have spent is worth the results.

Well, you can find good & high quality suits online too, or a tailor can make these suits for you. So, before placing an order for the custom-made suits research different style of suits just to make sure that all the designs are clear to you and somehow, you will also get an idea which pattern or design is going to suits you.

Alternation in suit is a tough task:

Suits are considered as the highly structured clothing, and the way they fall on men body depends on a good fit. Suit covers your whole body, so if a guy is having large shoulders and small hips then they may be find that their body shape does not conform to one suit size. Sometimes, the brand which actually fits you well also requires some last minute adjustments.

You cannot be fully dependent on a tailor to make a suit fit perfectly; they will make a suit which looks better. They can also make some small changes to make the suit looks much better according to a specific person. Sometimes, the big suit brand companies do not actually finish the pants completely before sending it to retailers. This lets the customers to choose the type of pants hem which they want, and it also accounts for leg length variations. While some suit shops offer this as a service, they take the unfinished pants to a tailor to get the finishing done which also help us to get the advice of a professional tailor.

How to find a perfect tailor:

Some tailors offer the alteration services as free. Before selecting a perfect tailor ask your family, friends or even business colleagues to get more recommendations. Look, if the tailor is pleasant and ready to make the changes in your expensive suit according to your needs, then soon he will become your best-friend. If a tailor is offering you recommendations while alterations, then it is a good thing because he is trying to get familiar with your needs. If you are still in doubt then start with simple alterations, before going to more complex and difficult changes.

Tailor`s Fee depends on suit material:

Obviously, different suits material requires different threads or fabrics to do the alterations. A higher-quality suit will require a high material of thread.

Ask the tailor beforehand, do they also charge extra for the alteration? Because sometimes, in making the expensive suits their cost will increase automatically as the fabric also requires special care.

So guys, I hope after reading this you will get an idea how much you have to spend on the custom/tailored- made suits.

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