How to Match Tie and Shirts like a Pro

Match your Tie and Shirt Perfectly

Match your Tie and Shirt Perfectly, Be the Best Dressed Man at your Workplace

Be it a woman, your male counterpart, your client or your boss, the first thing that will be noticeable to everybody you meet in a day is your shirt and tie combo. If you mess it up there, you lose some confidence and impression in that person.

I understand how difficult is it to find the perfect tie for your shirt every day. It probably required more effort and hunting in several stores than the dilemma a woman goes through while matching her footwear with the dress. Well, allow me to make the task easier for you.

Just imagine walking towards your wardrobe and knowing exactly which shirt and tie you want to wear with your business or custom made suit for the day rather than having to stand there wondering for minutes and yet ending up making some blind selection wishing for it to match perfectly. Trust me! It is not as difficult a choice as you have been experiencing since years. Just 3 simple combination rules to follow and you will have such a dapper look and your cohorts would probably ask you for styling tips.

Combination 1: Solid on Solid
Before you start experimenting with the patterns, learn to rock the classic look of keeping both your shirt and tie solid. Trust me! You cannot go wrong with this combination.

Try contrast color combinations: You are probably already wearing this combination. Wear a white or light colored shirt? Just match it up with a solid tie of pretty much any color.

Try corresponding color combinations: This combination is certain to make you look your sophisticated best. Are you wearing a sold light pink shirt? Team it up with maroon, red or purple tie.

Combination 2: Pattern on Solid or Solid on Pattern
Going solid on pattern way is probably the easiest combination to figure when you want to wear patterns. Just follow the simple rule – match the color of the solid tie you are wearing to the color of one of the colors in your patterned shirt. For instance, if you are wearing a white shirt with blue checks on it, wear a blue solid tie.

The opposite, patterned on solid combination works majorly on the same principle. Simply pick up the pit in which the pattern colors are matching the solid color of your shirt.

Combination 3: Pattern on Pattern
As scary as it sounds to most of you men out there, mixing a pattern shirt with patterned tie is not really that difficult. Just follow some simple tips to avoid the fashion disaster you have been having nightmares about.

Varied Pattern Type: Avoid wearing a shirt and tie which has similar patterns. If you are wearing a striped shirt, do not match with a striped tie. It’s as simple as that.

Varied Pattern Scale/Size: To avoid that busy look on your attire ensure that the pattern on your tie is bolder and larger than that on your shirt. For instance, you can wear a big checked tie pattern with smaller and lighter patterned shirt.

Just remember these 3 combination tips and you would never go wrong matching up your tie with the shirt. Just remember that no matter which combination you choose, keep one of the three items (shirt, tie and suit) solid. And Yes! It is a mandatory rule to follow.

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