Men Formal Dressing Rules You Must Know

Formal Dressing Rules You Must Know

There is no doubt about the fact that a suit can make any man look dapper but dressing in formals also comes with lots of conditions and rules attached to it. You have to be really spot on about certain things while you are wearing a suit if you wish to get the right look.

Here are some of the things from the rule books of the dressing experts that you should be keeping in mind while wearing or buying a new suit.

  1. Ensure that your tie’s width should match your lapel’s width. After, all it’s all about striking the balance. Also, since thin lapels are considered to be more in trend while wide-lapels have turned out to be old school. So, choose the look wisely.
  2. Though pocket squares look really classy and add to your appearance, just ensure that it should not match with your tie in fabric or pattern. Now, this is probably the only part of your suit where you can have the complete freedom to be creative and fun.
  3. While trying a suit with your tailor or picking up an off-the-rack suit, check your shoulders as the first thing. Your suit’s shoulder pads should not be sticking up or out. They are supposed to end at your shoulders only.
  4. Unless you are going to attend a night wedding or a Christian funeral, go for a gray or charcoal suit over the black one. And trust us, there would hardly be any shirt color that doesn’t goes with a dark gray suit.
  5. Your belt should match the color of your shoes and it shouldn’t be too broad. Go for some nice leather belt with a metal finish for a more striking look.
  6. Double vents at the back of your suit are not only more comfortable but also looks fashionable. Besides, it will help you nail that cool ‘hands in the pocket’ look without spoiling the look of your suit from the sides or back.
  7. To ensure that you have the right size of jacket, place your hand between the buttoned jacket and your chest. If it fits perfectly with enough room being there to move your hand a bit, you will know that it is a perfect fit.
  8. While tying the knot of your tie, go for the classic windsor look instead of experimenting with a new style. However, there is no fixed rule for whether you should go for a full windsor or half depending on the size of your head.
  9. Though it is not a must-follow rule, it is suggested to leave the last button unbuttoned if you are wearing a vest. However, there are many men who manage to pull off the three-piece look even with a completely buttoned vest.
  10. You must be aware of the rule to make your shirt cuffs visible for about half an inch to maintain a harmonious look. However, if you wish to be more accurate then make your cuffs visible to the exact visible length of your shirt at the back of collar.

So men! Get the right look and stay charming in your suits!

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