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Do’s and Don’ts of Customizing Men’s Suits Online

The rain Gods have finally opened up their bounty and the weather is beginning to settle into a more pleasant one. The festive season is just round the corner and needless to say a lot is lined up in the coming months; theme parties, weddings, bridal showers, Cocktails and dinners. The ladies surely are already getting all set with their dresses and accessories in place. It’s time that the men folk too pull up their socks in readiness to flaunt their wardrobe.

Shopping Woes
 Most men are short on time and because shopping sprees are not their forte’ they keep procrastinating till they can’t anymore. However they do know that if they have that one covetable suit in their closet they are sorted.

For all you men out there looking for that perfectly fitted suit that compliments your body type, here is an easy solution that can be handled right from the comfort of your home.

Going Internet Savvy
 The brick and mortar world is gradually but surely being side lined as the online markets are making their presence felt. Welcome to the world of Customizing Men’s Suits Online!!!

The Dilemma
While most of us still may have reservations about ordering custom tailored suits online considering the need for a perfect fit and the look and feel of the suit; a huge segment feels it is time saving and has much more to offer in terms of fabrics, colors and styles. Besides the liberal no-questions asked return policy and low to almost negligible shipping costs adds to the attraction of going in for Men’s customizing suits online.

Helping you decide
You can weigh your decision to go online for custom tailored suits based on factors like

  • Saving precious time
  • Having a host of fabrics and styles to choose from, which you can combine to your heart’s desire, making it exclusive to you
  • The cost factor, which again can be adjusted to suit your pocket, unlike the off the rack ones which come with a fixed price tag
  • Getting the perfect fit, unlike the ones picked up from the showroom which need to be adjusted and refitted

Go Bespoke!!
Once the decision to go bespoke has been made there are a few Do’s and Don’ts to be kept in mind while going for online custom tailored suits:

The Do’s:

  • Everyone is out there to lure you so before finalizing on a vendor, research, read reviews and customer feedback
  • Find out about the return policy in case anything goes wrong
  • Be sure of the fabric you want since you cannot touch and feel online
  • Be sure to check the styles available, zoom in and identify what you are looking for, a two piece suit may work or a three piece may be more you
  • Check the buttons that are being used, customize them to your preference
  • Know your measurements so that you can input the right numbers at the time of placing the order which is crucial to get the perfect fit
  • Choose a suit in a color and style that is versatile and can be worn for different occasions
  • Keep a good time buffer for delivery in case of unwarranted delays

  The Don’ts

  • Do not rush your vendor when ordering for a special occasion. Give enough time to the vendor to create your perfect fit
  • Do not take the measurement chart lightly because it is the one thing that will ensure an elegant look. Best would be to go to a tailor and ask him to do the needful
  • Do not ignore the shoulders because a suit’s fall depends on them. Based on your body build specify if you need shoulder pads or can do without them
  • Do not go for a jacket that is either too tight or too loose. In both cases it will end up looking borrowed
  • Don’t ignore the trouser length and fit which can make or mar your entire look

Buying Men’s customized suits online requires attention to detail. Once you follow the entire list of do’s and don’ts you are sure to nail the perfect fit. Get ready to step out into the world looking dapper and ready to make your own style statement. Ladies be forewarned … You are about to be charmed and swept off your feet!!!

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