Best Men's Suits Combination for summer

Best Men’s Suits Combination for Summer

It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine, it’s summer time.  As much as summer is about food and drinks, how can we miss upon the cool clothing, the tints, the hues and the pastels? You are what you wear! Summer clothing is not just fun in terms of the fabrics and designs but most importantly it is about colors.

Let’s take you through certain gorgeous combination to suit up with this summer!

Hold your horse’s ladies, we are talking about the man race this time! Unlike women, men do not have many options in terms of styling. The options are mostly limited when it comes to may be the variety of outfit they would wear. Of Course clothes are the most important part of this list, until most men try to concentrate upon casual wear for styling themselves; we have a surprise for you.  Stylish custom-made Men’s suits are an ultimate weapon for men to get the sharp look and get noticed at any time.

Where the war began!

Although, the battle is not over by selecting the color of suit, a shirt that perfectly complements the suit, along with a complimenting bow or tie also plays a role that is too important to be ignored. And the good news for those putting generous bucks in your suit is they never go out of trend. So, here are a few tips for you t for a few combinations of custom-made Men’s suits to rock the show this summer!

1) Because no one can beat the classics

To start with, who can beat the classic Black and White combination for the evening bash! Combining this suit with a dark colored tie or bow would add the spice to your look.

2) A pink can never go wrong, said a wise man!

Say a grey and baby pink combination for day  parties or a steel grey suit with a deep purple shirt,  is another trending and hot combination to make the sun jealous this summer and point all the eyes towards you

3) Funk is the spice of life

You could also go funky, by teaming your suit jacket with a ripped pair of jeans and adding sneakers to do the job. You might not find these combinations readymade in the market, although there is always an option of ordering custom made men’s suit online, to save your time and fuel both

Keeping it up through the day!

4) White Beauty

For the day, whereas, light colors should be preferred. And then rest assured, there is the king of summer colors, our dear white! Teaming up a white suit with a baby blue shirt or an off white suit with a dark colored shirt, could make everyone want to steal your wardrobe.

Don’t worry about sparing your time for shopping, it’s a task for men, you can easily get your Custom-made Men’s Suits Online to get that ball rolling.

Believe me, while we summarize

where pastel colors like blue, pink and mint are the colors to swear by this summer, there are certain combinations like a mid blue suit teamed with a white shirt, a pale grey to wear with any colored shirt that you like, if not anything, white is always a buddy for summers, and the perfect hero for the style icons, who want it stylish yet plain, beige is your best friend in this season of sun!

So, what are you still waiting for? `Get your wardrobes flushing with all these cool combinations by getting your Custom-made Men’s Suits from JodhpurTailors and steal the show this season!

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